Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Amazing Piece

One Thing that Is Always A classic Piece that You Need is a good watch. In 2010 The big deal was mens watches on women. I personally fell in love with this trend before it Became mainstream. I was obsessed with the styles Michael Kors created. They were the Gold version. These watches range from 180.00$ to 300.00. The 1 That I love Has swarovski crystals on the face. But You Definitely don't have to spend as much as I am going to. Other brands like Timex, Anne Klein and Fossil have similar styles for 50.00$ and under. The Point is this piece isn't going anywhere. Its here to stay, its something you NEED to have in your jewelry box, even if you can't tell time.
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fragrances For Women And men

Ok, So I figured It'd Be good to keep with the theme of Armani since That was The brand Of The Womens Fragrance I picked.
Armani Has Some Really Wonderful Fragrances. I don't Think I've Ever smelled one that I didn't like. For the Men My Favorite Armani Fragrance is .............
Acqua Di Gio - My dad Used To wear This Fragrance A lot and I always loved The smell of it. Its a really clean crisp mens fragrance and it is definitely a classic.

Scents We Love For Women And Men

On My Dresser I probably Have About 32 Different Fragrances and I Wear a different one each day. So I've Decided To introduce You to the fragrances I wear and The fragrances I like men to wear. In all Honesty There Is Nothing Better Than Embracing with A great Smelling Man Or Woman. So Let's Get Down To Business
This Is the Fragrance I wore Today..Idole d'armani. By Of course No other than Giorgio Armani.
When I was at the perfume counter a pushy sales woman basically forced me to buy this fragrance. Now I'm glad she did. I get compliments where ever I go and the scent is great in the winter and the fall. Don't let anyone fool you, there are night scents, day scents, winter/fall scents and spring/summer scents.
This is a great fragrance and ranges around 50-85$ depending on where you purchase it...
Now..On to the men

I Still Love Uggs!!

Just Because I've Gotten Older does NOT mean I've Outgrown My Love For Ugg Boots.
I Think The Bond Might Have Gotten even Stronger over the years.
Let Me Explain These boots To People Who Just Don't Get it.
From 1998-2005 I froze my Toes off every bitter winter in nyc. Then..An Angel Spoke to me...She was Wearing uggs (ok That Might Be a Tad Bit Dramatic).  From The Time I Tried On The uggs I was Never The same. Now Let Me Give You A Little Knowledge.
Ugg boots Were Never actually Snow Boots to begin With. In 1978 A Surfer By The Name Of Brian Smith Came To The U.S with a bag full of sheep skinned boots. NOW..He created These Boots To keep His Feet warm on the beach after he had been surfing. The California Surfers Took To The Brand And Ugg Australia Was Born.....
If Your Still Not into uggs..Thats fine, maybe you don't want to feel like your band wagoning (To each his own)
But you should never knock something until you try it..Uggs Are A cult classic and Maybe soon they'll become a classic for you too.

Stilettos and Satchels


Coco Chanel once said "Fashion Is Not Something That Exists In Dresses Only. Fashion Is In The Sky, In The Street. Fashion Has To Do With Ideas, The Way We Live, What Is Happening".
Anyone who knows me would say that this quote describes the way I live. Fashion And Styling Is the way I survive. It's What motivates me to be Benji everyday when I wake Up.
All My Life I've Been Surrounded By Fashion. My Grandmother was an amazing seamstress, My Mom was a trendy chica and my dad was probably The coolest freaking guy in whatever city he landed in. My whole upbringing was filled with stilettos, lipstick, purses and dresses.
At 6 my godmother bought me my first make-up kit and I threw on red lipstick with a pale eye even though my mother protested.
I used to sneak into my Grandmothers room and try on her shoes and make up while she was at work or asleep.
Fashion Is the air I breathe. Its the food I eat.
I couldn't Imagine Myself Being any person other than an obsessive fashion-ista.
This Blog Is A declaration.
Everything I dream about, every song I hear, Every thing I Buy and Fall In Love With Will Be on This Blog.
This Blog Is Who I am..And I'm Giving Everyone A Chance To Be Properly Introduced To Me.

Stilettos And Satchels