Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Still Love Uggs!!

Just Because I've Gotten Older does NOT mean I've Outgrown My Love For Ugg Boots.
I Think The Bond Might Have Gotten even Stronger over the years.
Let Me Explain These boots To People Who Just Don't Get it.
From 1998-2005 I froze my Toes off every bitter winter in nyc. Then..An Angel Spoke to me...She was Wearing uggs (ok That Might Be a Tad Bit Dramatic).  From The Time I Tried On The uggs I was Never The same. Now Let Me Give You A Little Knowledge.
Ugg boots Were Never actually Snow Boots to begin With. In 1978 A Surfer By The Name Of Brian Smith Came To The U.S with a bag full of sheep skinned boots. NOW..He created These Boots To keep His Feet warm on the beach after he had been surfing. The California Surfers Took To The Brand And Ugg Australia Was Born.....
If Your Still Not into uggs..Thats fine, maybe you don't want to feel like your band wagoning (To each his own)
But you should never knock something until you try it..Uggs Are A cult classic and Maybe soon they'll become a classic for you too.

Stilettos and Satchels

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