Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Scents We Love For Women And Men

On My Dresser I probably Have About 32 Different Fragrances and I Wear a different one each day. So I've Decided To introduce You to the fragrances I wear and The fragrances I like men to wear. In all Honesty There Is Nothing Better Than Embracing with A great Smelling Man Or Woman. So Let's Get Down To Business
This Is the Fragrance I wore Today..Idole d'armani. By Of course No other than Giorgio Armani.
When I was at the perfume counter a pushy sales woman basically forced me to buy this fragrance. Now I'm glad she did. I get compliments where ever I go and the scent is great in the winter and the fall. Don't let anyone fool you, there are night scents, day scents, winter/fall scents and spring/summer scents.
This is a great fragrance and ranges around 50-85$ depending on where you purchase it...
Now..On to the men

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