Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Koolaburra...The High Class Boot Brand

Everyone Knows How Much I Love My Uggs. When I Bought My First Pair In High School I Thought that spending 150$ was a big deal. I splurged on uggs until my closet had about 8 pairs in it. I destroyed a few by wearing them Everyday and some I gave Away To Family. I went Through A Mild Depression When I Realized that I was down to 2 pairs (ok, I'm Being A tad bit dramatic but it felt like I was going to die).So In regular benji fashion I began the hunt for some new uggs. I started to look at some celebrity feet and I noticed a lot of them were wearing these boho chic boots that looked really similar to uggs. So I searched and found out they they were a brand called koolaburra. They ranged from about 300-600$ so of course this peaked my interest and I decided to buy 2 pairs. I needed to know first hand why all these celebs were obsessed with them. Ugg boots will always have my heart (especially the limited edition jimmy choo pair that I want for my b-day) but these koolaburras just make me FEEL something i've never felt before.The price might be too much for a regular person who doesn't value fashion as much as I do, but in my book it's worth it. Celebs like Jessica Alba, Christina Milian, Kate Hudson, Miley Cyrus, Tori Spelling and many many more have really become followers of the brand. The Most Dedicated 1 Has to be Ashley Tisdale, I think she has EVERY pair of Koolaburra boots made. She's My Hero! lol
Photo Credits To JustJared.com

I've Got To Stop........

Sometimes I Go to sleep and I have some pretty vivid Dreams. But, these dreams aren't like everyone else's . I have FASHION DREAMS. I dream about a cut or style of a dress, a pair of shoes I've never met (yes, I MEET shoes) or even a color of nail polish (I also have small a nail polish addiction). Last Night I Had A dream about a dark green gown , some gold strappy stilettos and a dark espresso brown nail polish. When I finally got up I sketched the design and then hunted the internet for something that resembled what I saw in my dream. Of course, who else but Rihanna popped up! I was so excited because the image was exactly what I dreamed and I am now on the hunt to find something even remotely close to the color of her dress. Luckily, I found The Nail polish and it's called "Little Brown Dress" by Essie. Words cant explain How amazed I am by This color. What are your thoughts on it?
Photo Credits To JustJared.com

Some Things Change And Some Stay The Same

One Thing I Know In This Life Is That Classics Will Be Around Forever. Just Because something is old does not mean that it isn't in style anymore.Classics go from season to season with ease. An example of a classic would be a great fitting pair of blue jeans. One thing That will always be in style for me are pasties. It seems like this season a lot of lace,chiffon and other sheer fabrics are being used to create a lot of tops. With that being said , I must call upon the Pasty Gods. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I hate bras so for me the only solution to wearing a sheer top without a Bra is a tank or a set of pasties underneath it. The cool thing about pasties is that they now come in Tons of shapes and colors. They go from cats to lightening bolts and cupcakes to hearts so you can always find a set to fit your mood even if your mood is just regular plain nude pasties. If your not drawn in yet let me name drop for you. Celebrities like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Kelly Rowland and Hayden Panettiere have all been spotted out in pasties so the only thing left to ask is....WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!
Photo Credits To Nikkilipstick.com

Lips Of A Goddess

So over the last year I've developed an obsession with lipstick. I think it might have come from watching my grandmother get ready to go out when I was a child. She had a dresser that was lined with lipstick and perfumes. It looked identical to how my dresser looks now. So you can say it was engraved  in my d.n.a to be a lipstick addict. In a time frame of 6 months and a 4 month stint being a sales associate at Macy's ,I managed to stock up on a bunch of Bobbi Brown, Smashbox and M.A.C lipstick. It seems Like The More lipstick I buy , the More colors I seem to discover. I might be on the verge of O.C.L.S.D (obsessive compulsive lipstick shopping disorder). By the way , I am pretty sure I made that up and I Want Credit lol. The Point Is That I've come a long way from the chapstick wearing tomboy I used to be and I'm Proud To Now Be A Lipstick Fiend.
This is my collection after I gave away and threw out a ton..I think i'm still up there though :)