Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Higher Than High High High

Ok..anyone who knows me knows that I constantly cut my hair and dye it. I basically do everything to it because I know it'll grow back. Now My Goal is to grow it long enough that I can do a high bun. I LOVE these buns. On curly hair , straight hair, wavy hair..It doesn't matter. It always looks good to me. It's definitely my #1 hairstyle pick for the next 2 seasons. What do you think?

Oh Forgetful Me

So there was ONE picture that I took in a club in Antigua..I was with my best friend, trying to leave to get 2 hours sleep so that I could get my flight in the a.m to get back to New York when she says "we don't have any pictures together and you're leaving"! She runs to find the camera guy and I'm standing there regretting taking off my heels and drinking all that wine and heineken. But In the end we did get a picture together..and I'm glad.
I'm on the left in the blue and black.
So DID get a pic from my trip :) Thank My Bestie

Much love,

The High Is On The Rise

Remember My High Rise Rant...Well this is A PERFECT WAY to wear them.  A cropped top or sweater can sometimes cross the sexy line when you wear them with low rise jeans . But, if you wear them with a high rise pair all you have to worry about is a bit of sexy mid-section showing. I Am going to give you guys options  until all of you join my high rise revolution lol.

Love ,
Photo Credits to Nasty Gal

Hair OH LORD!!

I Don't Know if I told you guys that I shaved my hair off in june...but yeah I did lol. So far It's grown out a bunch but it's not long. Obviously hair doesn't grow overnight, we all know that, but people seem to think it does when it's not on their head. I refuse to have people force me or peer pressure me into using a relaxer again. My goal is to have my Hair In long curls and I need to stick to my guns on this one. Tell me what your hair is looking like and tell me what you think of natural curly girls. I Think They're beautiful.

(I want hair like this!)
Much love
Photo Credits Nasty Gal

Songs Near And Dear

The Song I want to Introduce to you today Is  "Not Like The Movies" by Katy Perry. I've Always been a believer in true love. Most people tell me that what I want I'll never find. They tell me that i'll never find a guy who wants to buy me flowers or teddy bears. They say I need to settle for a guy who wants me and he'll grow to love me. They tell me there is No such thing as head over heels love. But , I Honestly believe there is or else what else is there to look forward to? If there's no true love then why are there so many songs about it? This song is about waiting for that movie magic love.
Lyrics after the Jump....

Print It On My Heart...

Growing up my mom used to dress me pretty crazy. I give her a pass because it was the Early 90's but some outfits there is just no excusing. There was this one taupe dress with a huge sunflower on each of the shoulders *cringe*. But all in all my mom doing that pretty much shaped the way I look at fashion. The things that My eyes go for are normally the strangest craziest patterns or abstract shapes. I Love reds and Cobalts. Blacks , golds, greens basically all the bold colors that most people stay away from. Coming back from Antigua our flight had a layover in Jamaica. Of course we took that opportunity to shop in  the airport. In the airport I saw A girl waiting for a flight. I couldn't stop staring at her. She was tall and bronze ..basically everything that I take for granted about myself. She was wearing a patterned dress and had her hair in a high bun with a pair of Ray-Ban wayfarers on. She had simple black flip flops on her feet but she honestly didn't need anything more than that. I Didn't speak to her but I coveted her whole outfit on the flight home. When I got back to New York I tried to find a dress to recreate the outfit and this was what I Found.
It's cigar but close. But that's great. The trick about seeing someone in something you like is to pay homage to them in a way. You don't want to "swagger jack" them but you want to take the "essence" of the outfit and  flip it into your own. That way..It's all you

Photo Credit to Nasty Gal

Have You Ever Had A Dream...?

   I'm A big dreamer. It could be because I'm a cancer and that's what my sign does. But not only am I a "I wanna be famous" dreamer...I also have some really vivid dreams while I'm sleeping. The weirdest thing is that some of them are fashion dreams. When I say "Fashion Dreams" I mean dreams that I'm wearing something I've never seen while I'm awake. In my dream I'll see myself in an outfit fully styled including shoes , accessories even hair and make up. The last fashion dream I had was of me in a white dress. I Got up and found This white dress online. I wonder If This Means I'm a fashion psychic? Is that even possible? All I know is that this white dress is the exact same one that I dreamed and The shoes were pretty epic too. I didn't think they existed until I started to search for a shoe for My friend to get married in. That's when I saw them.

Could you ask for a more glamorous dream?!