Sunday, August 14, 2011

Revenge Of The Skirts

I Love Maxi Dresses With all My heart but there are some days I just want to wear a t shirt. The solution to all my problems? A maxi skirt. It gives you the same vibe but with more room to style yourself how you want. An easy way to style a maxi skirt is with a v neck tee and a denim vest over. The foot wear can be anything from flip flop to some flat boots to a pair of sneakers. Whatever makes you it. I love maxi skirts in print when everything else is in plain solid colors. In that way you don't have a bunch of patterns going against each other.
 I hope you try this trend and love it as much as I do.
Much Love Benji Wilson

Songs Near And Dear

Occasionally I come across a song that fits me in every way. When I call myself a Glam Raggamuffin it really means a person who loves fashion and feels it in every Part of their soul but still loves and respects the island lifestyle and the rasta vibes. I recently came across the new band "Super Heavy". I was amazed because so many of my favorite artists were in this new group. Damian Marley, Joss Stone and even Mick Jagger. The song I listened to Was called "Miracle Worker". The song, The group and the video is the definition of a " GLAM RAGGAMUFFIN". I hope you enjoy the video and as usual the lyrics are after the jump.

Much Love Benji Wilson <3

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fall Trends

One Trend That I know Is going to be a big deal from fall 2011 into next year is matte nails. I've always loved the style but more people are finding out about it so its bound to be everywhere in a bit. It's a great spin on colors that we already have. A lot of brands make top coats that turn any polish matte so it won't really be a struggle to go shopping for a whole new collection ( but if you are like me you will do it any way). Embrace this trend...who knows? Maybe it'll be your "thing".
Much Love Benji-Wilson Photo Credits To

Lift You Up

"I do not feel terrible about my mistakes; though I grieve the pain they have sometimes caused others. Our lives are “experiments with truth,” and in an experiment negative results are at least as important as successes. I have no idea how I would have learned the truth about myself and my calling without the mistakes I have made."- Parker Palmer

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Songs Near And Dear

This Song Is one that Funny enough reminds me of my mom. Its her ringtone and though I Love Lady Gaga I didn't LOVE this song but after her phone won't stop ringing its stuck in my head. So here it is..My moms song
"Edge Of Glory" Lady Gaga... Lyrics After The Jump

Much Love Private Benjamin

The Best Thing I Never Had

When I hear That Beyonce Song I think about shoes. Yes I know...I'm Screwed up, But I do think about Christian Louboutin shoes. Normally I don't like things when a lot of people have them but in this case the "a lot of people" are celebrities so its not like i'll walk down the street and every  one will have my Louboutins like when I walk outside and I bump into someone in my ugg boots grrr (That's why i've started buying limited edition uggs).  Louboutins are definitely a Brand of shoes that I plan to work my ass off just to have a pair. I feel the same way about my Jimmy Choos but that's a story for a different day. I won't say i'll never have these shoes because there are many things in my life I thought I would never have, But I worked hard and got them. So I hope you work hard for what you want too. They don't have to be a pair of Louboutins but with anything you want in life, never tell yourself you can't have it. My Friend Sky bbm'ed me today and he said " My problem was that I wanted the wall right away but you have to concentrate on the individual bricks that make up that wall". So whether your wall is a Pair of Louboutins or a Louis Bag or a family or A career.....Start to work on the individual bricks that will get you there.
My Wall Lol
Much Love Benji Wilson

AND the 2nd gift

So I Love Michael Kors watches and I think I begged for this 1 for about 6 or 7 months.BUT...I got it! I love the blue face and it even went with my mani. Its an epic watch and I'm so blessed to have it. Thanks MOMMA :)


My Birthday was july 20th..and I turned 22. I didn't do anything special and it actually kinda sucked. BUT...I have a tradition of posting some of my gifts and this year I got a couple shoes. So here they are
Fr Left to right they are Sam Edelman, Chinese Laundry, Dolce Vita, Penny Loves Kenny, Steve Madden and Betsey Johnson.
I lucked out lol

Reptiles Are Running Wild!!!

Remember my cobalt blue post? Of course you do. The other trend that I was talking about is a trend that I have fallen for myself. Reptile print.
See Kourtneys shoes? They are a reptile print. This trend translates well if its worn on a clutch, a purse or a pair of shoes and as you see it doesn't just have to be worn with balck, you can definitely wear it with some color .Its one of those  "to each his own" things but most fashion trends are. The shoes below were from Bebe last year..Now THOSE I am In Love With. I Hope You Guys Try And Enjoy This Trend.
Much Love Benji WIlson

It's Henley Time!

I Love Henleys! On men or women they look great. So I was surprised the other day when my friend asked me what should he wear and he didn't know what a henley was when I suggested it. So I Just wanted to Throw a few images out there so you guys can get accustomed to what they look like because I plan on talking about them a lot lol
This one is for the new fall collection from free people. The mens henley is after the jump. Also, you should never feel like when I post things you HAVE to spend your money on it because there are a lot of brands that carry the same styles for way less. Old navy and gap have a TON of henleys for very reasonable prices. I own about 4 from old navy and they fit great.

More Color Please...

Besides that Gorgeous emerald green I've been lusting after some other colors for the fall. Another Color Is Cobalt Blue. This Blue is so lush and pretty. It's another one of those colors that  you need confidence to wear. This is NOT for the shy or faint of heart. It Is definitely a must if you consider yourself a fashionista. You can wear it in a dress, pants, shoes or even a purse as long as you wear it i'll be proud :) And Kourtney is wearing this color with another trend this season ..More to come shhh
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Much Love Benji-Wilson

Songs Near And Dear

This Next Song That I'm Posting Came out when I was in high school. Besides The fact That I love Gwen Stefani..I also love the word play in this song. She's talking about being luxurious but she's really talking about being in love with her husband. She's comparing working hard to be luxurious to trying hard and going through things in a relationship so you're happy in the end. HOW CUTE!! lol So here it is "Luxurious" Gwen Stefani

Lyrics after The Jump ....Much Love BENJI WILSON ( I left out slim thugs lyrics :s sorry lol I don't dig it)

Fall Is coming..

I think everyone has a favorite season. I Love the fall AND the winter. For me I think its The holidays (thanksgiving, christmas and new years) and the weather. Besides those it has to be the fashion. I Love fall and winter fashion like nothing else and this year the 60's and 70's are back again. One of the colors that I love for this fall is an emerald Green. Its such a gorgeous color whether its shimmery or matte. When I looked back at the images for Marc by Marc Jacobs fall season 2011 I fell in love all over again..
Isn't This AMAZING!! As I look at it I feel Like I'm Watching Three's Company or Good Times or even The Facts Of Life. Maybe I Love This Trend Because It reminds Me Of Being A kid and watching all those sitcoms on Nick at night, I don't Know.
But, this Is that AMAZING green that I've been telling you about. What do you think? Will You Try it out this fall?
Much Love Benji-Wilson!

With All Honesty

I Love FREE PEOPLE! When I discovered this brand I think I found gold. It's really hard to find a brand that you fall in love with almost every piece they release for a season and its even harder finding a brand that you don't have nightmares after making a purchase. Because being honest there are a lot of brands that just price items really high for NO REASON. Some of the things feel and look cheap and flimsy yet they have a price tag that you have to look and see of the items stocks your fridge and do your laundry after you buy it. I have no problem paying for luxury but I refuse to pay I super high price for something crappy. Free people has quality items and They fit into my hippy chic lifestyle.


I have a weakness for leggings! So much so that I only own like 2 pairs of jeans that actually fit. Growing up I was never the girl that was DEVELOPED I guess. I was a late bloomer. I didn't really get a "Shape" until I was about 19 or 20. So when the other 14, 15 and 16 year old girls in school wore jeans that fit every curve, my jeans kind of fit like ..............a 10 year old boy. Oh how I miss high school -____-
When I started rocking my leggings I was about 18. For me they were like a gift from GOD! I no longer had to wear ill fitting jeans just to fit in . A black pair of leggings was so chic that I could get away with wearing them with anything in my closet. Now a Days everyone owns a pair of leggings but most people still don't wear them correctly. Leggings aren't made for me to feel like I have super powers to magically see your underwear. They aren't there to make you have a camel toe (camel toes are never attractive). Certain things just aren't acceptable when wearing leggings. They should fit but not be tight to the point that they are sheer or hurting. If they hurt take them off and put on something else. I always buy regular priced leggings but every now and then I splurge on a few special ones. My new buy for the fall are these free people leggings. Let me know how you like them. Info after the jump.


One of my favorite styles for about the past 2 seasons has been the maxi dress. If you know me , you know that my style lives somewhere between the mid 50's and the early 80's. I love alot of really boho hippy pieces and I want to do a lot more of that in the coming fall. An easy way to pull that look off is with a maxi dress. Maxi dresses have that boho 1970s vibe already so to amp that up all you need are things like feathered jewelry or bangles. Two of my favorite accessories are floppy hats and full scarves. I easily wear maxi dresses or skirts with sneakers, ugg boots, leather boots or heels. It's really one of those things that you'd have to be trying really really really hard to mess it up. Maxi dresses allow everyone to put there own spin on the trend. I hope you guys get some maxi dresses if you haven't already.
Much love...Benji-Wilson Photo credit to

Songs Near And Dear

So..This Is Another 1. I've always had this song on my Ipod but never actually listened to the song fully. So a few days ago I had my Ipod on shuffle and it came on. When I finally listened to the lyrics It really hit home. I think I played it over about 11 times. It's my pick for the day because it talks about wanting to love someone new but being so hurt from the first person you ever loved, But you still want to try. So here it is "The First Cut Is The Deepest" Sheryl Crow

Enjoy Guys....Benji Wilson..Lyrics after the jump

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Polka dots are trending in so many ways, but my FAVORITE way to wear them are on my nails!! They are so cute!!!!  Its a fun way to dress up a dull outfit or just add a little joy to your life! You Should always have some type of joy in your everyday and if your nails are a way to achieve that...then why not!? GO FOR IT!!

 Besos Benji-Wilson
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I Roll Rough And Tough With My Afro Puffs

So after years of shaving my head, growing my curls and then caving under peer pressure to perm them I have finally come to a good place. I shaved my head in june and now I have my curls back. I figure weave will be my go to crutch whenever I feel the need for long straight hair because I really want to give my hair a chance to grow and be free. At first I started to think "How can I honestly be pretty with my hair like this". Then I saw this picture...
The skin tone, The nail Filing, the eye shadow..It reminded me so much of myself. So I thought...SHE LOOKS GREAT! What am I afraid of?  lol
Embrace Yourself...Your True Self, but let her be glam! 
Much Love Benji-Wilson
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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


OK...if you asked me what was my MUST have for the fall/winter season. I would say a silk scarf. They are sophisticated , chic and they add a touch of elegance to any outfit that you wear. SO long story short.....GO GET 1!!!! They don't have to be an expensive versace or chanel to look good, silk isn't a name brand, it's a material. So don't think that you have to break the bank to look good. NEVER think that because quality trumps a brand any day! So happy hunting my loves!
Much Love Benji-Wilson
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Songs Near And Dear

So My song choice for the day is.....*insert drum roll here*...."Songbird" By Fleetwood Mac.
This song....ooooh this song holds so many emotions for me. To me it's like telling someone how much you love them and all the things you want for them. You are just in love with this person to the point that even the birds are singing along with you. No where in this song does it say that the person loves you back but you sure as hell wish they do. So I hope you enjoy this song, my favorite line is "And I wish you all the love in the world..but most of all I wish it from myself". That sums up how I feel in a sentence. Lyrics after the jump.


I don't know what to say. I love the classic round long red nails. They are really 1950's chic to me. I love Lucille Ball and I figure this is what her nails might have looked like (how epic would her red hair have looked with this?). Besides that Image, I think the false lashes are amazing!!! I wish I could get great falsies like that! ANYWAY! Have a Ball with this one..Much Love Benji-Wilson
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What I Like About You

Denim and I will always be soul mates. It's simple. It can be dressed up or dressed down. It can come in the form of shirts, skirts, jeans, dresses, purses, shoes and caps. This whole year I've been wearing denim button downs but I grew out of my jean phase along with my denim skirt and dress phase a long time ago. I saw this image and it made me think...hmmm maybe I need to invest in a denim dress and skirt (and some red wedges).
What do you think?
Denim Dreams~ Benji~Wilson
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I know this picture of Rihanna is old but I love it. It's got purple lips, pink nails, feathers and a whole lot of GLOW!!
I am LUSTING!!!! 
Much Love Benji-Wilson

Blast From The Past

Every now and then I get a little nostalgic when I come across something that has to do with the fashion from yester-year. I came across this while i was looking for some maxi skirts. I thought I'd share it with you. :)
Much Love Benji-Wilson <3

I'm Blue * Insert da ba dee da ba da*

I Was Never A fan Of the color blue growing up. I don't know why. I'm an island girl so you would think that the blue would remind me of the beaches but...No. As I started to progress into my 20's I Realized That blue is a beautiful color but only if it's dark (I'm not a fan of pastels for some strange reason). So Imagine my surprise when I found 2 great blues from china glaze (Bermuda Breakaway and First Mate). These 2 colors are blues that I can actually see myself wearing and loving everyday. So Those two polishes are my picks for the day! Enjoy :)
                 Much Love Benji-Wilson!!
Photo Credits To The color is Uslu airlines but its a bit pricey and hard to find for the most part but China Glaze First Mate Is a pretty good dupe!

Lips Of A Goddess pt2

Isn't She Lovely *sings*
So...About a year ago I outgrew lip glosses. I just couldn't deal with the sticky lips all the time. My hair would get stuck on my lips, I would forget it was there and polish off a burger like nobodies business. So Imagine my shock and amazement when I found a limited edition lip gloss that was created by one of my favorite natural haired bloggers *AfroBella*. The reason I like this gloss is because 1. It's purple. 2. It's a purple that looks good on brown, yellow and chocolate girls. The first time I went to order it , the lipglass sold out ridiculously fast and I teared up thinking I would never be able to own it. But, with the grace of the lord lol M.A.C decided to re stock the blogger obsession limited edition collection and I ordered it the SAME DAY. I'm not sure if I'm a fan of lip gloss again but I am definitely won over by this one.
Much Love Benji-Wilson
Photo Credits To Afrobella

Nails Nails Nails

Besides my lipstick obsession, I have this obsession with nail polish. I always bought little nail polishes when i was a teen for around a dollar and my mom had no problem with that. But its when I graduated to the more expensive stuff like essie, opi and china glaze that my mom basically told me to pay my own way. Nail polish is one of those things that every color is different. there are so many different shades of a color that you can easily spiral out of control while your supposed to be picking up just 2 colors. I love nail polish for the simple fact that it's easy for me to be trendy and wild without having to put on a trendy wild outfit or go nuts with my make up. Since it's limited to my fingers  it translates well anywhere I go. So from now on I'll be posting colors that I love for certain seasons and occasions. Along with designs that stop my heart and New colors that I've Purchased. I hope My posts inspire you guys!!
Much Love,
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Songs Near And Dear

I Guess I'm in An Adele mood or just a really somber mood or something but this is my second video for the day. I think 2 a day is good right? You can't express what you feel in just one.....or maybe you can but just not today. Anyway the second 1 is called love song, its a cover of the original "love song" by The Cure . Its a little more up me it is anyway. I find myself singing this song at random times when i'm not even thinking. I just start to sing "No matter how long it takes....I will always love you" I don't know what that means lol but here it is "Love Song" By Adele ...Lyrics after The Jump

Songs Near And Dear

So The First Song I decided to pick is "someone like you" by Adele. If not just for Adeles amazing voice, this song has some serious stuff going on in the lyrics. This song is in my heart right now because I love someone who I cannot Have. But, Who I want so Bad. The worst part is when the person has already moved on and you can only be happy that they are happy, because you love them so much. Though years have passed, I feel exactly the  same way I felt the first time I fell in love With him and I still can't believe he is the only person I haven't gotten over.  I Hope You Can Love This Song Too. She explains what the song is about in the first 1:11 so if you want to just hear the song skip to 1:12  .......Lyrics after the Jump.

Can I RAVE?!?!

     One Of My Favorite Cosmetic Lines is Smashbox. I was working as a sales associate at macy's and Though I was supposed to be selling jewelry, I think that I spent more time at the cosmetics counter trying on make up ( big surprise there right?). While Trying on a bunch of M.A.C make up , my girl Meg told me how great smashbox's foundations were, so we took a 20 minute break we weren't supposed to and headed over to sample. BOY DID I FALL IN LOVE!!! I now own smashbox eyebrow powder, lipstick, eye shadow, spf lip treatment and if I name anything else you will think I need to seek help.
So Here is a little Back story for the kids who like info.
 Davis Factor and Dean Factor, great-grandsons of Hollywood cosmetics legend Max Factor founded Smashbox Studios in 1990. The cosmetic line was sold to Estee Lauder in 2010. Now I don't know if it's huge Difference in the formulas anything but I have No complaints. I Think The products Speak For Themselves So You Go and Be The Judge. I'm Sure You'll Find a Favorite. Right now I Love The foundation because its great for brown and yellow girls and I'm Raving over the lipstick Formula, SOOOO SMOOTH! TO DIE FOR!!!
But Like I said ...Don't Take My word For It..GO!!...EXPLORE!!..SHOP!! ...FALL IN LOVE!!! Because Make Up will never break your heart. :)
                                                               Lipstick Kisses..Benji-Wilson


Anyone Who knows me knows that my favorite actress growing up was Goldie Hawn. I wanted to BE Goldie Hawn. I don't know if that's the reason I always wanted to be blonde or if that's why i'm so obsessed with being glam but it might be a part of the reason. My favorite Goldie Movie is The First Wives Club...It' a Classic, But I've Recently Been watching Private Benjamin and it might be my new favorite Goldie Movie. Of course Death Becomes Her And Butterflies are free Can't Be Beat, But Private Benjamin Would Be My Life If I was In the Army! The Fact That My Moms Last Name Is Benjamin and Her Nickname was Private Benjamin as a kid Is just icing on the cake for me. If You Haven't Seen it, you have been deprived something special. It NEEDS to be seen at least once in your life. Go and make Me proud Glam Soldiers!!!!

Much Love, Private Benjamin :)

Sing For My Supper...

One Thing That I've Learned In My Life Is That fashion And Music Go Hand In Hand. All you have to do is look at music videos or the red carpet and see what the musicians are wearing and you'll know what's hot. You can't have a fashion show without music for the models to walk to and who can ever forget the Musicians Life long dream of getting famous enough to date a model. From Kanye West To Rihanna...Jay-z to Katy Perry. Fashion and Music Are A match made in  heaven. So I figured What Better Place To Vent The Songs In My Head Than My fashion blog. Most Of These songs relate to my life and are near and dear to my heart so I hope that you Love Them Too. I'll Post The Lyrics So you can know Exactly what The singers or rappers are saying. But Make Sure you FEEL what they are saying because I Never LISTEN to these songs, I always EXPERIENCE them.
Much Love