Wednesday, October 19, 2011


SOOOOOO I know that I've Been Missing In action for a bit and That's because my mom and I took a Mini Vacation to our home country Of Antigua. I Wish I had some huge album of pictures to show you but I don't. I wasn't in a picture mood and the weather wasn't really working with me either. BUT...It was great to be home. When you're back in your home there is a calm that can't be found anywhere else that you go. My heart is always in Antigua no matter how many places I live. I got a chance to clear my Head a bit and see some lost loves. I even took a trip to the Longchamp store (my favorite place). I went to the jewelry store and had some wine and heinekens with old friends and new friends. It was a good trip...short...but still good.
OH! I Did take 1 picture......
lol Not the best pic BUT  it does show the hair cut I had and my great nail polish..
Much love

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