Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Who Wears Short Shorts!?

Now, Even Though I'm An Antiguan I think I'm more of a New Yorker than anything. I love the winter and the fall. I HATE when it's hot but most of my friends love it because that's when they can pull their shorts out. Now not to brag but I've been told I have some really great legs. BUT....I hate summer apparel..I feel naked when I wear shorts because I have such long legs lol. But on my trip to Antigua I discovered the perfect short for me.
A HIGH RISE SHORT!  Honestly, anything high rise helps me out because I don't really have hips and high rise pants give the illusion that I do. So I was shopping around for any and everything high waisted/rise and came across these shorts.
What Do You Guys Think Of Them?...I Think They'll Be Glam As Hell!
Photo Credit To Nasty Gal

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