Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Have You Ever Had A Dream...?

   I'm A big dreamer. It could be because I'm a cancer and that's what my sign does. But not only am I a "I wanna be famous" dreamer...I also have some really vivid dreams while I'm sleeping. The weirdest thing is that some of them are fashion dreams. When I say "Fashion Dreams" I mean dreams that I'm wearing something I've never seen while I'm awake. In my dream I'll see myself in an outfit fully styled including shoes , accessories even hair and make up. The last fashion dream I had was of me in a white dress. I Got up and found This white dress online. I wonder If This Means I'm a fashion psychic? Is that even possible? All I know is that this white dress is the exact same one that I dreamed and The shoes were pretty epic too. I didn't think they existed until I started to search for a shoe for My friend to get married in. That's when I saw them.

Could you ask for a more glamorous dream?!

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