Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lips Of A Goddess

So over the last year I've developed an obsession with lipstick. I think it might have come from watching my grandmother get ready to go out when I was a child. She had a dresser that was lined with lipstick and perfumes. It looked identical to how my dresser looks now. So you can say it was engraved  in my d.n.a to be a lipstick addict. In a time frame of 6 months and a 4 month stint being a sales associate at Macy's ,I managed to stock up on a bunch of Bobbi Brown, Smashbox and M.A.C lipstick. It seems Like The More lipstick I buy , the More colors I seem to discover. I might be on the verge of O.C.L.S.D (obsessive compulsive lipstick shopping disorder). By the way , I am pretty sure I made that up and I Want Credit lol. The Point Is That I've come a long way from the chapstick wearing tomboy I used to be and I'm Proud To Now Be A Lipstick Fiend.
This is my collection after I gave away and threw out a ton..I think i'm still up there though :)

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