Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I've Got To Stop........

Sometimes I Go to sleep and I have some pretty vivid Dreams. But, these dreams aren't like everyone else's . I have FASHION DREAMS. I dream about a cut or style of a dress, a pair of shoes I've never met (yes, I MEET shoes) or even a color of nail polish (I also have small a nail polish addiction). Last Night I Had A dream about a dark green gown , some gold strappy stilettos and a dark espresso brown nail polish. When I finally got up I sketched the design and then hunted the internet for something that resembled what I saw in my dream. Of course, who else but Rihanna popped up! I was so excited because the image was exactly what I dreamed and I am now on the hunt to find something even remotely close to the color of her dress. Luckily, I found The Nail polish and it's called "Little Brown Dress" by Essie. Words cant explain How amazed I am by This color. What are your thoughts on it?
Photo Credits To JustJared.com

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