Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Nails Nails Nails

Besides my lipstick obsession, I have this obsession with nail polish. I always bought little nail polishes when i was a teen for around a dollar and my mom had no problem with that. But its when I graduated to the more expensive stuff like essie, opi and china glaze that my mom basically told me to pay my own way. Nail polish is one of those things that every color is different. there are so many different shades of a color that you can easily spiral out of control while your supposed to be picking up just 2 colors. I love nail polish for the simple fact that it's easy for me to be trendy and wild without having to put on a trendy wild outfit or go nuts with my make up. Since it's limited to my fingers  it translates well anywhere I go. So from now on I'll be posting colors that I love for certain seasons and occasions. Along with designs that stop my heart and New colors that I've Purchased. I hope My posts inspire you guys!!
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