Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Can I RAVE?!?!

     One Of My Favorite Cosmetic Lines is Smashbox. I was working as a sales associate at macy's and Though I was supposed to be selling jewelry, I think that I spent more time at the cosmetics counter trying on make up ( big surprise there right?). While Trying on a bunch of M.A.C make up , my girl Meg told me how great smashbox's foundations were, so we took a 20 minute break we weren't supposed to and headed over to sample. BOY DID I FALL IN LOVE!!! I now own smashbox eyebrow powder, lipstick, eye shadow, spf lip treatment and if I name anything else you will think I need to seek help.
So Here is a little Back story for the kids who like info.
 Davis Factor and Dean Factor, great-grandsons of Hollywood cosmetics legend Max Factor founded Smashbox Studios in 1990. The cosmetic line was sold to Estee Lauder in 2010. Now I don't know if it's huge Difference in the formulas anything but I have No complaints. I Think The products Speak For Themselves So You Go and Be The Judge. I'm Sure You'll Find a Favorite. Right now I Love The foundation because its great for brown and yellow girls and I'm Raving over the lipstick Formula, SOOOO SMOOTH! TO DIE FOR!!!
But Like I said ...Don't Take My word For It..GO!!...EXPLORE!!..SHOP!! ...FALL IN LOVE!!! Because Make Up will never break your heart. :)
                                                               Lipstick Kisses..Benji-Wilson

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