Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fall Is coming..

I think everyone has a favorite season. I Love the fall AND the winter. For me I think its The holidays (thanksgiving, christmas and new years) and the weather. Besides those it has to be the fashion. I Love fall and winter fashion like nothing else and this year the 60's and 70's are back again. One of the colors that I love for this fall is an emerald Green. Its such a gorgeous color whether its shimmery or matte. When I looked back at the images for Marc by Marc Jacobs fall season 2011 I fell in love all over again..
Isn't This AMAZING!! As I look at it I feel Like I'm Watching Three's Company or Good Times or even The Facts Of Life. Maybe I Love This Trend Because It reminds Me Of Being A kid and watching all those sitcoms on Nick at night, I don't Know.
But, this Is that AMAZING green that I've been telling you about. What do you think? Will You Try it out this fall?
Much Love Benji-Wilson!

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