Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sing For My Supper...

One Thing That I've Learned In My Life Is That fashion And Music Go Hand In Hand. All you have to do is look at music videos or the red carpet and see what the musicians are wearing and you'll know what's hot. You can't have a fashion show without music for the models to walk to and who can ever forget the Musicians Life long dream of getting famous enough to date a model. From Kanye West To Rihanna...Jay-z to Katy Perry. Fashion and Music Are A match made in  heaven. So I figured What Better Place To Vent The Songs In My Head Than My fashion blog. Most Of These songs relate to my life and are near and dear to my heart so I hope that you Love Them Too. I'll Post The Lyrics So you can know Exactly what The singers or rappers are saying. But Make Sure you FEEL what they are saying because I Never LISTEN to these songs, I always EXPERIENCE them.
Much Love

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