Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Best Thing I Never Had

When I hear That Beyonce Song I think about shoes. Yes I know...I'm Screwed up, But I do think about Christian Louboutin shoes. Normally I don't like things when a lot of people have them but in this case the "a lot of people" are celebrities so its not like i'll walk down the street and every  one will have my Louboutins like when I walk outside and I bump into someone in my ugg boots grrr (That's why i've started buying limited edition uggs).  Louboutins are definitely a Brand of shoes that I plan to work my ass off just to have a pair. I feel the same way about my Jimmy Choos but that's a story for a different day. I won't say i'll never have these shoes because there are many things in my life I thought I would never have, But I worked hard and got them. So I hope you work hard for what you want too. They don't have to be a pair of Louboutins but with anything you want in life, never tell yourself you can't have it. My Friend Sky bbm'ed me today and he said " My problem was that I wanted the wall right away but you have to concentrate on the individual bricks that make up that wall". So whether your wall is a Pair of Louboutins or a Louis Bag or a family or A career.....Start to work on the individual bricks that will get you there.
My Wall Lol
Much Love Benji Wilson

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