Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's Henley Time!

I Love Henleys! On men or women they look great. So I was surprised the other day when my friend asked me what should he wear and he didn't know what a henley was when I suggested it. So I Just wanted to Throw a few images out there so you guys can get accustomed to what they look like because I plan on talking about them a lot lol
This one is for the new fall collection from free people. The mens henley is after the jump. Also, you should never feel like when I post things you HAVE to spend your money on it because there are a lot of brands that carry the same styles for way less. Old navy and gap have a TON of henleys for very reasonable prices. I own about 4 from old navy and they fit great.
This 1 is From converse by john varvatos but like I said. Look around find better prices. Just because its expensive does not mean it looks good. It just means it's expensive.

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